By participating in more advanced design scenarios and innovative concept models, Segis produces objects that are both functional and aesthetically versatile. This is one of the main aspects of the group’s activities. To live life means to move from one residential or public space to the other, interacting with the objects that inhabit those places and spaces. At any moment, you can choose to either make use of or to simply admire a chair, a sofa, a table or an occasional furnishing simply by interacting with it. Segis presents its dynamic, tangible and functional designs that are the result of different technical, productive and creative skills that have been blended into a rich and original energy. All of this made possible as a result of its excellent collaboration with prominent designers. Each product must have a reason to exist. This in the truth that emerges from the selection of exemplary products which represent best the success that Segis has realized. The balance between ability and sensibility has created useful and ergonomic everyday objects that have changed the world around us and our way of living life.


Tables and Chairs

Sofas and Armchairs


Street furniture

Outdoor furniture


Office furniture


Restaurants and café furniture

Hotel furniture

Furnishing for public buildings


Wall decor

Storage and space organization


Nami Collection

Meet Me Collection

Ka Maxi Collection

K Collection

Noldor Collection

Omega Collection

Zenith Collection

Taxido Collection

Slide Collection

Playful Collection

Iron Collection

Highway Collection

Delta Collection

Cross Collection

Capo-Famiglia Collection

Breeze Collection

Derby Collection

Dragonfly Collection

Hi Omega Collection

Gamma Collection

Frame Collection

Fi Large Collection

Beta Collection


Odoardo Fioravanti

Matteo Thun

Massimo Mussapi

Paolo Crescenti


Sottsass Associati

Sergio Giobbi

Roberto Romanello

Luigi Trenti

Lucci Orlandini Design

Carlo Bimbi

Carlo Bartoli

Bartoli Design

Fauciglietti Engineering

George J. Sowden

Lievore Altherr Molina

Giancarlo Pirett