Maxalto gets its name from “Massa Alto”, which in Venetian dialect means “the highest”, to underscore the objective of excellence that distinguishes its products. Launched in 1975 and now coordinated by Antonio Citterio, the collection stands out for the quality of the woodworking, the quality of the materials and a painstaking quest for fine detail. It is a complete range of furniture with a “New Classic” flavour that combines sophisticated hand-made craftsmanship with today’s latest technology.


Tables and Chairs

Storage Systems and Units

Sofas and Armchairs

Sleeping area and children's bedrooms


Dining table accessories


Interior lighting


Wall decor

Textiles and rugs

Storage and space organization


Mida Collection

Max Collection

Lutetia Collection

Musa Collection

Omero Collection

Pathos Collection

Omnia Collection

Lucrezia Collection

Loto Collection

Incipit Collection

Imprimatur Collection

Hypnos Collection

Intervallum Collection

Kalos Collection

Lithos Collection

Leukon Collection

Peplo Collection

Plato Collection

Talamo Collection

Solatium Collection

Simposio Collection

Teti Collection

Thronos Collection

Xilos Collection

Titanes Collection

Simpliciter Collection

Simplex Collection

Recipio Collection

Psiche Collection

Selene Collection

Sella Collection

Sidus Collection

Sibilla Collection

Gemina Collection

Fulgens Collection

Bauci Collection

Arkè Collection

Argo Collection

Biblia Collection

Calipso Collection

Cicero Collection

Calliope Collection

Aretusa Collection

Antares Collection

Alceo Collection

Agathos Collection

Afrodite Collection

Alcor Collection

Alcova Collection

Amphora Collection

Amoenus Collection

Clio Collection

Convivio Collection

Eracle Collection

Eos Collection

Elios Collection

Erik Collection

Eunice Collection

Filemone Collection

Febo Collection

Ebe Collection

Dives Collection

Cratis Collection

Convivium Collection

Creso Collection

Crono Collection

Demetra Collection

Cuma Collection

Acanto Collection


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Antonio Citterio