The Fantoni Group (company founded by Achille Fantoni in 1882) is a leading manufacturer of office furniture, partition and storage wall systems, MDF (medium density fibreboard) and chipboard panels, melamine flooring and sound-deadening panels. All phases of the production process are performed by the network of companies which make up the Group and work in synergy to develop the product: from the production of materials and semi-finished products to the design of innovative office furnishing systems, inspired by the most up-to-date principles of well-being and design. Made up of seven companies – Fantoni Spa, La Con Spa, Lesonit (Slovenia), Novolegno Spa, Patt Spa, Spik Iverica (Serbia), Xilopack Srl – the Fantoni group produces its own resins, impregnates papers for facing its own panel products and, with its hydro-electric power and cogeneration plants, produces a large part of its own energy needs.


Tables and Chairs

Storage Systems and Units

Sofas and Armchairs


Office furniture


Hotel furniture

Furnishing for public buildings


Wall covering

Suspended ceilings

Partition walls

Hardware and fasteners


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