In the world of contemporary interiors, Boffi’s name is synonymous with innovation and excellence in kitchens and bathrooms. In 2010 company turned its attention and innovative approach on wardrobe sector as well. An established international industry market leader in product innovation, communication strategy and in-store concept, Boffi is the only kitchen manufacturer to be awarded the “Compasso d’oro alla carriera” which it received in 1995. From its earliest beginnings, Boffi identified creativity, production and entrepreneurship as its core strategic principles, and integrated them into all production decisions and operating processes. These company policies were defined in the 1950’s by the Boffi brothers, Dino, Paolo and Pier Ugo, as they developed their father (Piero’s) concepts and combined the company’s creativity with advanced production and technology. At this time Dino, who was the ‘face’ of the company and one of the leaders in new Italian design, began to collaborate with expert modernist designers, such as Asti, Fevre and Case, who designed the revolutionary Series C and T12 kitchens. Other significant milestones in Boffi’s history included the appointment of Luigi Massoni as art director and the collaborations with Joe Colombo, Confalonieri’s graphics, the Ottagono magazine and the company club experience, Mobilia.


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